Web threats

One of the biggest threats in the internet era is the privacy on the web. Websites can track you and make profiles about you depending on search terms you make on search engines. So, how can we make us more anonymous and secure on the web? There is some simple steps that you can make:

Use https whenever you can if you are surfing on the web (this is shown left at the address bar of your browser). If you use ordinary http you are vulnerable for man-in-the-middle attacks. So, when you log in to your email account, you should use https to ensure that crackers would have a difficult time trying to break into your email account.

Disable cookies. Ads and third-party sites uses cookies to track you and makes a profile about you. Note however, websites that require that you login (e.g. email websites) require that cookies are enabled to work properly.

Use websites that you know you can trust. Some websites collect a lot of information about you, others gather less. Often the terms are found in the “Terms of Service” and the text can be rather difficult to understand sometimes. Search engines, such as DuckDuckGo takes anonymity quite seriously and respects the users. They do not collect more information than needed.

This is some small but good steps towards a more secure and anonymous web browsing.

Some pages I recommend about the subject:




If you use Mozilla Firefox, you can use this add-on. If you have this installed, you disable JavaScript and can thus avoid pop-ups in the web page. You can easily enable the page to run the JavaScript also by right-clicking and choosing “Enable this page” or “Temporarily enable this page”.


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